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[ADMIN/MUST READ]Rules of Running man 7012 forum

on Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:41 pm
Hi! I'm Lin Yu Bear, the administrator of this site. Surprised
Please follow these rules:
1. Treat all forum members in respect.
No bullying, threatening other members or telling anyone your personal information.
No offensive/racist/harmful/suggestive usernames.
2. Nothing that is unrelated to Running Man.
3. Post in correct categories and follow the format when posting:
Member: Please read 'How to use member forum zone'.
[DISCUSSION]: RM Discussion (used in 9012/7012 Discussion Zone/ Member zone)
[FAN ART]: Fan art/ GIF (used in Fan Art/ Members zone)
Add /POLL or /GIF if it includes these. For example: [DISCUSSION/POLL]
4. Introduce yourself to the members in the Introduction Zone.
5. No duplicating accounts except site testing moderators and these testing moderators can only be registered by the administrator (that means me! Cool )
Currently, we have 1 site testing moderator(s): linyqbear.
If you have any questions, you can drop me a PM. Just click the button under my profile. ------>
Forum Admin lol!
Lin Yu Bear Very Happy
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